Implants & prostheses

When teeth are missing or need restorations, various treatment options are available:

Fixed prostheses

Crown : when a tooth is destroyed beyond normal restoration or has changed significantly its color we cover it with a crown. Crowns are ceramic caps that cover the tooth and restore it to its initial size, shape and color.

Bridge : when a tooth is missing we can replace it with a bridge. The dentist prepares the teeth adjacent to the gap and then places a bridge which covers and protects the adjacent teeth and supports the artificial tooth. The artificial tooth thus suspends permanently between the adjacent teeth.

Implant : when a tooth is missing we can replace it with an implant. In this case there is no need to prepare the adjacent teeth as with the bridge, since only the missing tooth is replaced. We use one of the best implant systems by Straumann, a world-renowned Swiss company. The implants apart from a single crown can also be used to support bridges or prosthesis.

Veneers : when the front teeth need to be aesthetically restored we use the veneers. These are ceramic or composite facets, which are custom-made and are placed on the front surface of the teeth. With the veneers we can change color, fill in embarrassing spaces, hide enamel defects, straighten misaligned teeth and thus improve significantly the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Onlay and inlay : when a tooth needs a sizable restoration we can use onlays and inlays. These are ceramic or composite restorations, which are custom made at the laboratory. They restore the tooth to its initial appearance.


Removable prostheses

This type of prostheses can be “full” (all teeth) or “partial” (some teeth). As the name indicates they are removable. It allows you to regain chewing, aesthetic and phonetic functions. To provide discretion, we use “attachments” that allow invisible stabilization of the prostheses.

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