Tooth whitening involves the application of a bleaching material on the surface of the teeth in order to change their shade. We offer four distinct methods :

In office bleaching: this is performed in the clinic. The dentist applies a bleaching gel on the teeth, while the gums are isolated and protected. The gel is then activated by ultraviolet light under the dentist’s supervision. The results are immediate and visible in one appointment. We use the Philips ZOOM professional system, which offers a gentle process for teeth whitening.

Home bleaching: this it performed at home. Special custom-made trays are fabricated to fit precisely your teeth. You then apply a whitening gel in the trays and wear them for several hours during the day or during the night. The results are visible after a few days.

Straightening and whitening, a 2-in-1 method with Invisalign® : tooth whitening can be performed during invisible tooth straightening thanks to clear trays (aligners) in which you can apply “home bleaching” whitening gel every evening.

Devitalised tooth (grey tooth): a devitalized tooth (tooth with nerve necrosis) is a tooth, which can change color with time and become darker or even grey. A whitening gel is applied in the interior of the tooth through a small temporary hole that the dentist opens on the back side of the tooth. The dentist performs this procedure in the clinic.

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