A cavity is an infectious disease caused by multiple factors: a diet high in sugar, insufficient oral and dental care or even a weak immune system may be the source. If the affected tissues are on the surface, it is not necessarily painful. But when it grows and deepens to reach the dentine and nerve, you may experience pain.

When a patient has a cavity, the dentist eliminates the affected tissue (enamel, dentine), removes the bacteria that are present and fills the cavity with filling materials. Your tooth will be identically restored and will recover its shape and initial colour. During this treatment, and in order to avoid using anaesthesia, the dentist may use a dental laser, particularly for children.

If the destruction of tooth tissue is significant, the dentist may fit an ‘onlay’, which is a custom dental prosthesis made in a laboratory. However, root treatment is sometimes necessary if the cavity affects the nerve. To avoid such deep tissue involvement, dental and oral health professionals recommend having regular dental check-ups.

Prevention enables early intervention, if necessary.

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